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First aid course

3 Day Wilderness First Aid Course

Designed for Adventure Tourism Professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who works or spends time in remote environments, this course teaches advanced skills to be used [...]

Event DetailsDate: February 15, 2023Location: KEEP Office - Thamel

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Tourism Porters Walfare ProgramPorters Welfare Program

Tourism Porters Walfare Program

Porters' Awareness WorkshopRasuwa is known as one of the porters’ hubs. Trekking and sightseeing are [...]

Rural Drinking Water ProjectRural Community Development Projects

Rural Drinking Water Project

Amkot Water Project(Amkot , a village at Siddhalek Rural Municipality -3, Dhading had been facing problems in case of accessibility and availability [...]

Rural Community Development Projects

Remote villages Drinking Water Project

Itapani and Bahunthok Water Project”Kathmandu Environmental Education Program (KEEP) Nepal provided drinking water infrastructures at [...]

Drinking Water Project at BirtaRural Community Development Projects

Drinking Water Project at Birta

Drinking-Water Project at BirtaJune 1st, 2017 With support from the BridgIT Water Foundation, Australia, the water [...]

Rural Community Development Projects

‘Drinking Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH)'

 National Energy Globe Award Nepal 2018Submitted by: Kathmandu Environmental Education Project K.E.E.P.Water SanitationIn the rural [...]

water projectRural Community Development Projects

BridgIT Nepal Drinking Water Project

Drinking-Water Project:With support from the BridgIT Water Foundation, Australia, KEEP completed the WASH project at [...]

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Helping the Rural Community

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Kathmandu Environmental Education Project - KEEP

KEEP is very aware of the importance of Sustainable Tourism and is tirelessly engaged to shape this concept unconditionally. KEEP believes that this type of tourism can be applied anywhere from small rural communities to big cities. It focuses on the natural environment, indigenous culture, heritage sites, and local communities as key elements of an exciting travel experience. Sustainable tourism allows visitors to explore these elements without causing harm to them or their surrounding environments.

Devi Prasad Panta
Mr. Devi Prasad PantaChairperson
From the desk of Chairperson,

KEEP is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization, the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP). Established in the year 1992, KEEP has the mission of ensuring the future ecological and cultural prosperity of Nepal and its people by maximizing the benefit and minimizing the negative impacts associated with tourism.Our journey for [...]

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A registered non-profit non-governmental organization, Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP) has the mission of ensuring the future ecological and cultural prosperity of Nepal and its people by maximizing the benefits.