Becoming KEEP Membership

Criteria for KEEP Membership

KEEP is an organization that supports trekking professionals both individuals and small agencies.

Over the last few years, the international market has been faced with many issues emanating out of Nepal that have in some respects been of a negative nature. KEEP’s aim is to redress the balance and to inject trust back into the delivery of Nepal-based products.

With this in mind, KEEP wishes to open up its membership but with membership criteria that will both boost international confidence in working with KEEP members and also in providing a wider international marketplace for its members to draw clients from.

There are 3 categories of membership, plus Honorary Membership.

However, to become a Member individuals and small organizations must satisfy the following conditions:-

  • Be appropriately registered as per the Government regulations.
  • Must pay all appropriate taxes.
  • Must pay the Nepali mountain staff the appropriate financial rewards.
  • Must provide proper due care and attention to the working conditions of all staff.

KEEP is an unbiased and non-political organization, that specifically caters to individual and small agencies, under these circumstances it should be assumed that potential members would provide a transparent application that indicated that they are not:-

  • Owners or major shareholders in large hospitals, trekking companies, helicopter companies, or hotel chains.
  • That they have never made financial donations to any major political party.
  • That they do not have a history of regular helicopter rescues

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