• Porters Welfare Program

    Tourism Porters Walfare Program

    Porters' Awareness WorkshopRasuwa is known as one of the porters’ hubs. Trekking and sightseeing are [...]

  • Rural Drinking Water ProjectRural Community Development Projects

    Rural Drinking Water Project

    Amkot Water Project(Amkot , a village at Siddhalek Rural Municipality -3, Dhading had been facing problems in case of accessibility and availability [...]

  • Rural Community Development Projects

    Remote villages Drinking Water Project

    Itapani and Bahunthok Water Project”Kathmandu Environmental Education Program (KEEP) Nepal provided drinking water infrastructures at [...]

  • Drinking Water Project at BirtaRural Community Development Projects

    Drinking Water Project at Birta

    Drinking-Water Project at BirtaJune 1st, 2017 With support from the BridgIT Water Foundation, Australia, the water [...]

  • Rural Community Development Projects

    ‘Drinking Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH)'

     National Energy Globe Award Nepal 2018Submitted by: Kathmandu Environmental Education Project K.E.E.P.Water SanitationIn the rural [...]

  • water projectRural Community Development Projects

    BridgIT Nepal Drinking Water Project

    Drinking-Water Project:With support from the BridgIT Water Foundation, Australia, KEEP completed the WASH project at [...]

  • Rural Community Development Projects

    English Language Course for Trekking Guides

    English language IN 2017in 2017, 21 participants participated in an English language course provided by [...]

  • Porters Welfare Program

    Mountain Porters Awareness Workshop - 2017

    Porters’ Awareness Workshop - 2017June 28-29, With support from; SST Foundation, IPPG, Globotrek, PPUK, Mountain-People, [...]

  • Rural Community Development Projects

    Drinking water Project

    Drinking water in Salang-3 - 2017With support from BridgIT Water Foundation, Australia, KEEP has started [...]