Toilet Construction and Sanitation Program at Shree Brahma Adharbhut School

Date: February 01, 2024Location: Patan Municipality-10, Hatas, Baitadi

Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) had constructed 5 classrooms building at Shree Brahma Adharbhut School, Baitadi. After school building construction there seemed the massive need of sanitation project, KEEP initiated the construction of toilet facilities at school with the support of “A Drop of Life”, Hong Kong at Patan Municiplaity-10, Hatas, Baitadi. Toilet was constructed at school to upgrade the sanitation facility at school and hand wash basin has installed along side of both ladies and gent’s toilet. Hatas lift drinking water project has given the water facility at school. Now the students are more facilitated through sanitation facilities at School. This will help students to have quality education through better sanitation facility at school than before. Thank you A Drop of Life for this generous support.

Toilet Construction and Sanitation Program

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