Waswang Health Post Construction Project (Kalitar Health Post)

Date: May 01, 2023Location: kalitar village, chitwan district
In 2018, the Chepang community approached KEEP to seek support to develop a communitybirthing and general health care center. With the help of ‘Santé Sans Frontière’, KEEP inpartnership SWAN began the construction work in Kalitar Village, Chitwan District. KathmanduEnvironmental Educational Project (KEEP) and the Social Welfare Association of Nepal(SWAN) then started project jointly for the remaining construction. Kathmandu EnvironmentalEducation Project (KEEP) and Social Welfare Association of Nepal (SWAN) signed theMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 25th April 2022 for the construction of health post.KEEP in the collaboration with ‘Santé Sans Frontière’ and SWAN collaborate to providefinancial support to enhance and strengthen the facilities of health care services for the people ofthe chepang communities in ward number 13 of Rapti Municipality in partnership with a localNGO. The project is now almost completed. It was initiated on 2018 and completed on 2023.

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