Tourism Porters Walfare Program

Date: February 17, 2021Location: Langtang - Rasuwa

Porters' Awareness Workshop

Rasuwa is known as one of the porters’ hubs. Trekking and sightseeing are the major attractions here and the majority of the population is engaged in tourism as porters for their livelihoods. Langtang National Park is the third most popular trekking destination in Nepal. KEEP in collaboration with Crooked Trails, The INTREPID Foundation, WWEP, NTB, and ALPKIT Foundation successfully conducted a three-day awareness workshop at Naukunda rural municipality, Rasuwa on ‘Porters' Awareness Workshop’ from 17-19 February 2021.

It focused on providing full-fledged knowledge on their working issues, mountain safety, legal actions, procedures in the government and non-government organizations in Nepal, and above all dealing with the global pandemic in tourism through the application of the COVID safety protocols. To realize the "Importance of Porters in the Nepal mountains" is seriously crucial. The workshop was attended by 203 porters (20 female and 183 male) of the mountain community involved in mountain tourism along with government officials from Naukunda Rural Municipality. KEEP has been continuously conducting Porters’ Awareness Workshops since 2012. Such workshops provide great opportunities for porters to upgrade and uplift themselves, understand their rights and responsibilities and prepare themselves for “trekking with dignity’. )

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