Rural Drinking Water Project

Date: June 25, 2020Location: Siddhalek -3, Dhading

Amkot Water Project

(Amkot , a village at Siddhalek Rural Municipality -3, Dhading had been facing problems in case of accessibility and availability of drinking water as the villagers were not able to utilize the existing water resources thereby. The villagers of Amkot had to walk down the hills to fetch water and walk up hills carrying the water. Specifically, women and girls used to spend hours just fetching water and bringing it back to home. But now, through this water project, the water has been fetched up from downhill and is distributed to the villagers through distribution pipes. Altogether 64 families (345 people) belonging to different social backgrounds have been the direct beneficiaries of the project.

KEEP provides water infrastructure projects to these remote mid-mountain rural areas by providing “Drinking Water, Sanitation and Health” programs. )


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