Sustainable Tourism

Stick to centre of the trail. By walking on the edges you ERODE the side and DESTROY vegetation, which keeps the trail intact during monsoon rain. Also, don’t take shortcuts across the switchbacks. Switchbacks PREVENT the erosion, which can lead to landslide

When choosing a trekking agency, ASK QUESTIONS! Do they carry KEROSENE for staff and porters as well as for foreigners? Has their staff attended FIRST AID and ECO- TOURISM workshop? Do they carry NON-BIODEGRADABLE waste back to Kathmandu? Report any problems with guids or porters back to the agency. Let them know your concerns.

FOOD AND WATER: A good appetite is a sign of  good acclimatization. Drink at least

4 LITRES OF LIQUIDS A DAY to avoid dehydration. Include re-hydration solution in your medical kit. The local product is called JEEVAN JAL.

Discarded batteries leak LEAD and TOXINS into the water supply. Bring used batteries to Kathmandu, or ideally, take them home with you for proper disposal.

Human weste transmits DISEASE. When a latrine is no available, DIG A SMALL HOLE and cover the waste with dirt and rocks. Be sure you are 50 meters away from any water source.

When choosing a trekking agency, MAKE SURE that they use Kerosene not firewood for cooking. Ensure they carry enough for all staff includding porters.

When camping in alpine areas renember how FRAGILE this environment is. it can take decades to produce the vegetation killed by a careless boot or thoughtlessy pitched tent.

AVOID buying BOTTLED WATER. It is expensive and UNNECESSARY to drink water this way. Water treated with IODINE is safe and pure. Thousands of plastic water bottles left by the tourists CANNOT BE RECYCLED IN NEPAL!

Don’t ask your owner to boil water because it wastes energy. Purify water with IODINE or use your own FILTER.


“If you are not feeling well at altitude (2000meters) you have altitude sickness until proven otherwise”. De David Shlim

REALY SYMMPTOMS: headache, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, sleeplessness.

TREATMENT: Stay put until symptoms go away. Drink plenty of water.

WORSENING SYMPTOMS: increasing tiredness, severe headache, vomoting, loss of co-ordination.

TREATMENT: descend 300-400meters, rest and try again. Do not let anyone with AMS symptomes desecend ALONE,

ADVICE: ascend no more than 400 meter/day above 3000meters.

Eat the local DAHL BHAT rather than the less fuel-efficient foregin foods. Encourage other trekkers to do the same and to eat all the same time.

DEFORESTED HILLSIDE: The use of firewood for fuel in trekker’s lodges, resturants and by porters from trekking companies greatly accelerates deforestation in Nepal.

While trekking, support lodges that use SOLAR POWER. When shower water is heated by wood, each shower costs the forest about 3 trees. Alternatively, try a good bucket wash or shower less often.