A well managed and clean, green,and tourism friendly Thamel is the expectation and alike driving towards this goal is the responsibility of all. Being one of the pioneers of sustainable tourism in Nepal,KEEP is willing to take the responsibility of transforming Thamel into a better, liveable and loveable community by implementing the following ideas and strategies. Therefore, we request you to please participate in this KEEP initiative as our FoC member for the good cause of conservation.

The benefits provided to all for being the FoC network members are as follows:

  • Thamel will be developed into cleaner, greeneer and all-inclusive friendly place. Any issues producing a negative impact on the scenic beauty will be taken seriously and KEEP would raise a strong voice to instigate positive change.
  • Any uneducated people recommended by the members will get an opportunity to learn to read and write.
  • Members will be invited to participate in annual season based socialisation programs such as hiking/picnic/etc to build and strengthen the relationship within network member.
  • The card is applicable for discounts on shopping/trekking/hiking/hotels/restaurants/health clinic and drug stores owned by KEEP member organisation. (Log on to the website for business house name, visiting tourist and local people).
  • On the very occasion of World Environment Day theTop 5 winnerswill be awarded with exciting prizes annually for the outstanding service in their respective fields. The winners will be announced on the basis online reviews, 75% e-voting and 25% local voting.
  • The ID card will provide opportunity to participate in an environmental contest organised by KEEP on World Environment Day, 5th June, annually. The winners will be awarded.
  • Exchange of help and support within and among the members in FoC network that to stand and exhibit solidarity in solving moral, social and ethical injustice if any.
  • Certain social and benevolent funds such asfuneral fundswill be providedin case of necessity.
  • The KEEP criteria and local referrals can aslo be used to provide education shcolarships.
  • Foreigners in FoC member networkwill receive service against social and moral injustice if any.
  • Accidental Insurance is provided (provisional).
  • Memebrs will receive upto date information about KEEP’s activities, via e-newsletter and an invitation to regular lectures and events.
  • An ID card with a photo is provided.
    For local members annual

    Associate                          Nrs.1000

    Individual                          Nrs. 2000

    Organizational     Nrs. 5000-10000

    Life                                    Nrs.25000

    For International members annual

    Associate                           $15

    Individual                           $30

    Organizational                  $150

    Life         $500


    *Note: Validity of the ID card will be for one year starting from 1st June, 1st August, 1st October, 1st December, 1st February and 1st April.