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Claire Nitsche

I spent there months working in office at keep as an ESL Ecoleadership course instructor helping with administrative work , I could not have found a better organization to work with. The keep family are selflessly devoted to the work they do : their mission to spread the knowledge of sustainable tourism to all of Nepal . They are truly an invaluable resource to tourists : tourism professionals alike : an incrediable example of the power: capabilities of locally-run grassroots NGO’s. The best decision I’ve made in my travels was to volunteers my time. Skill for their cause … and I am forever grateful for it, and I that I can new count both new my students. The staff as family.

‘Whole world , one family’



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Ciara Cremin Lreland

My time at Keep is something. I will something Charish . Working with Sadiksha , Tara and everyone use at Keep provided me with an incredible might into the work they do and the profound impact it has on the lives of the people that need it most. Keep’s commitrance to sustranble and eco-friendly tourism is unparalleded and their projects and courses offered reflect thus. Volunteering here is an experience that will stay with me for life. I learned to much and I left knowing I had contributed to an incredible organization. I could not recommend it enough.

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Sabrina Segundo

My experience as a Volunteering worker with KEEP was wonderful and enriching. I had the opportunity to live with a Nepali family for 3 weeks and teach English in a Primary school in Dharmasthali. Being introduced into the Nepali family was one of the most life changing for me, in the meantime I got and amazing feeling spending time teaching English and playing with all the kids.

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Hi, my name is Daniel and I volunteered at KEEP last year while I was travelling in Nepal. It was an important time for the country during which many were struggling after the April earthquake. I knew I wanted to contribute in some way while I was there so I searched for an organization that was helping in the most pertinent ways.

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John Loudon

“I worked for Kathmandu Environmental Education Project from June-July 2015. It was an incredible experience working with the wonderful members of KEEP. During my time there, I assisted in writing grant applications to organizations in order to provide aid for victims of the two major earthquakes that hit in the months of April and May. In addition, I assisted in other office activities, such as translating and formatting newsletter.

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Paul J. Ostrowski

There has never been a better time to volunteer in Nepal than the present. This is due, in no small part, to the recent earthquake disaster. The Nepali people are strong and positive, but there is still much rebuilding to be done. Your help right now during this critical time is more valuable than ever.

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