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Environmental Awareness

The Environmental Awareness Program objective is to create awareness of the conservation and protection of the pristine Himalayan ecosystem. By educating communities these projects emphasize the issues related to the tourism industry regard-ing the environment, conservation and the need for responsible tourism. KEEP has been undertaking video presentations on topics such as trekking gently in the Himalayas, waste management, mountain safety, reducing carbon footprints and conservation. Current Projects A) Bagmati Clean-up Program On January 18, 2014, the KEEP family including board members, participants of the Winter English Language Course, and volunteers participated in the Bagmati Mega Clean-up Campaign. The participants were actively involved in cleaning Bagmati at the Tilganga section. The Bagmati River, one of the major river systems with cultural, historical, and environmental significance in the Kathmandu Valley, is under severe environmental degradation, due to an increase in anthropogenic activities, including unmanaged and development works. B) Tundikhel Clean-up Program On December 31, 2014, KEEP, in collaboration with Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) conducted a Clean-up Program in Tundikhel, Kathmandu. The program was a part of the English Language Course for trekking guides and porters. The main aim of the program was to create environmental awareness among the locals and tourists coming to Nepal. Altogether 60 participants including the WELC students, the staff of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, course instructors, KEEP board members, staff and other volunteers actively participated in the program. C) Chovar Tree Plantation Program On August 6, 2015; Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) in association with Jalbinayak Community Forest Users’ Group conducted ‘Park Management and Tree Plantation Program at Manjushree Park, Chovar, Kirtipur. The objective of the program was to create awareness and inspiration in the local community to maintain biodiversity and clean their surroundings through local participation. Participants included were, KEEP Monsoon English Language Course students, instructors; KEEP board members & staffs, Volunteers and JCFUG’s members. D) Balaju Cleanup and Awareness Program On January 7, 2016 Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) in association with Kathmandu Metropolitan City conducted a ‘Cleanup and Awareness Program’ at Balaju Baaisdhara Udhyan, Kathmandu. The objective of this Cleanup Program was to encourage ELC students to keep their environment clean and to raise awareness of this issue in the local community. Participants included KEEP Winter English Language Course students, instructors; KEEP board members & staffs, Volunteers, KMC staff and Baaisdhara Udhyan Office staff. Earthquake Resilient School Construction A) In partnership with Aussie Action Abroad (AAA), Australia, in July 2013, KEEP completed the renovation of a defective classroom ceiling in the Shree Bag Bhairab High School and completed a ground leveling project to prevent further water seepage. B) On September 20, 2014, The Edinburg Global Partnership Project, in collaboration with KEEP, was successfully concluded. The project constructed a two classroom school building to replace the old and structurally damaged classrooms of the Shree Saraswoti Primary School of Manpang village of Tanahun district, Nepal. EGP volunteers were involved in the program along with community leaders, school students, and staff. As a result, the school now has two new classrooms and has attracted more children to attend. Also, EGP volunteers generously donated school supplies. C) Staircase Constructed at School On March 20, 2015, with the support of the Crooked Trails, USA, the construction work of a “Y” shaped staircase facility for school children was completed in Shree Bindabasini Secondary School, Jogitar, Kavre district. The school has been doing a great job of educating local children, who have been achieving brilliant results in education.

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