ECO-HIKE, 2019 For Environment and Health

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ECO-HIKE, 2019

For Environment and Health

Panimuhan – Nagi Gumba- Tarebhir - Jagdol Trail Promotion Program-2019

Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) is pleased to report on completion of a day long Eco-Hike program on Shivapuri Route (Panimuhan – Nagi Gumba- Tarebhir – Jagdol), Kathmandu, Nepal, in close co-ordination with different  LIONS club, Kathmandu. . Altotal 50 participants attended the hiking. KEEP’s staffs, Board members, Volunteers, members of LIONS club, trekking guides who enrolled the English Language Course -2019and others interested participated the program.

The major objective of the Hike was to make participants alert on Environment friendly travel mechanism for which wastes thrown randomly on roadsides were collected by the hikers in their own collection bag. To follow the “Leave no trace principle “was the mission of the program.

Information on Bio-diversity of Panimuhan – Nagi Gumba - Tarebhir - Jagdol.route along with the brief description on Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park was provided during the travel time. For the refreshment, Blind Fold game was played and even the prize to winners was given. Certificate distribution and closing of the Winter English Language Course-2019 was done by the vice chairman of Keep and Volunteer,Mrs.Valarie Ball at the place, NarayanDanda.

Photo Glimpses:

Fig.1: Enthusiastic Eco-Hikers at the Hike route

Fig.2: Eco-Hikers collecting the wastes at roadside


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