Keep’s Community Programs

29 Mar, 2021
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Keep’s Community Programs

  1. Porters’ Awareness  Workshop

KEEP successfully conducted Porters ‘Awareness Workshop at Parchyang of Rasuwa from February 17-19 of 2021. The workshop was attended by 203 porters involved in mountain tourism of Nepal.

  1. COVID -19 Relief Program

As a part of  COVID -19 Relief Program, on 12th October of  2020 ,KEEP with the support of a UK citizen Mr. Charles Hebert- provided rice bags each of  25 kg to 90 porters belonging to Rasuwa district who lost their job due to the COVID-19 and were stuck at Goldhunga.

  1. Warm jackets for senior citizens of Rasuwa

On 3rd January 2021, the KEEP team provided warm jackets to senior citizens of Yarsa of Rasuwa.

  1. Winter English Language Course

KEEP successfully conducted a four –week Basic Winter English Language Course at Yarsa and Sirsiu of Rasuwa for adventure tourism professionals. The courses were conducted from December 22, 2020 – January 19 of 2021.It was attended by 57 participants.